Kraus KPF-1602 Kitchen Faucet

The world is going green and every person is doing his bit in cutting down unnecessary water usage. When you are going for a new faucet, keeping the water usage in mind is important as it will cut down on your monthly water bill and also help the society and environment in some way.

When buying the new faucet, watch out for these:

  • Aerators: Faucets fitted with aerators make it easy to cut down on water usage and most new faucets come fitted with aerators.
  • Ceramic Valves: The reason they are important is that they do not tend to leak with age as it happens with metallic valves.
  • Pause Function: Many new faucets come with pause function which is great for keeping water flow suspended when not in use.
  • WaterSense Certification: This label means that the faucet has been designed following the guidelines laid out by EPA and you can count on it for saving water wastage.
  • Sensors: Faucets with sensors start water flow when a hand or a utensil is placed under the spout and stop when it is removed. They can provide the maximum saving on water usage.

These points should guide you in choosing the best faucet for your kitchen. Cut down your water bill, save money, help the environment.