Installing a garbage disposal is one of the easiest ways to eliminate or reduce food waste in your kitchen, it can get rid of leftover potato peels and other types of food waste quickly and efficiently. This appliance will grind the food waste that you put in and the fine particles produced will be flushed out of the unit and go through your house's septic system.

Tips when installing garbage disposal

When you opt to install it on your own, you must have plumbing and mechanical skills. The time it takes for you to complete it could go from 1 hour to 2 hours. However, if you only need to replace your old unit, it’ll only take about 30 minutes to an hour.

The installation time may also depend on your drain line, so before you purchase a garbage disposal, make sure that the unit fits in your drainage system.

Since this appliance needs electricity, you need to have a power outlet under the sink. If you don’t have one, you must install one. But check with the local authority first. Some places don’t allow this unit to be installed because of a very limited sewer capacity.

Before installing it, make sure that you have read and understood the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re not confident about installing it by yourself, you should consider hiring a professional to the job for you. That way, problems can be prevented. If you decide to do the job, check this page at Down the Sink for a more elaborate explanation.

Taking care of your unit

Avoid running hot water into the unit when it’s in use. Before you switch it on, you have to run cold water into it. Running cold water into this appliance during and after operation is necessary.

Don’t put fibrous materials into your standard disposer as these materials require a premium unit to grind them. Keep in mind that standard garbage disposals can only handle regular amount of food waste, like peels of fruit and vegetables.

Freshen up your disposal using a cleaner or deodorizer, but you must only use the product recommended by your unit’s manufacturer.
Also avoid reaching into the unit when it’s in use. That is, if you don’t want your hands to get injured.


A garbage disposal is prone to jamming. If you don’t like that, you must choose a model that comes with an anti-jamming feature that creates a trouble-free operation. Some models have senses that can automatically reverse motor direction if there are pending food jams.