ThermostatYour thermostat can help you slash your utility bills significantly. But make sure that you obtain an energy-saving unit. In this way, you can control the cost and the amount of energy your household use as this unit is useful in controlling temperature. Here are some tips on how to make use of your thermostat to help you save on your power consumption.

  1. Program the unit to automatically shut down the heater or air-conditioning when you’re going out. Then, it must turn it back 30 minutes before you’re expected to return from work or school.
  2. Reduce the temperature when you need to heat the house. Or turn it down when you need the house to cool down. To do this, program your thermostat unit to go back to its awake mode just half an hour before you wake up in the morning.
  3. Set the settings for weekends. If you’re home the whole day during the weekend, you don’t need to cool or heat up your house.
  4. Override the normal programming if you’re planning to be far away from your house for a few days. But don’t let the temperature fall below 55 degrees Fahrenheit, especially if you’re living in a cold climate (read this tip at Thermostat center).

By making a small adjustment to your home temperature, you can surely maximize the efficiency of your thermostat.

Manufacturers of kitchen faucet offer single-handle and double-handle types that you can choose from. Depending on your requirements and the functions you’re looking for, you can go for either of the two.

What are the pros and cons of opting for a single-handle?

First of all, it’s easier to use and install as it only needs a single hole to be cut out on your countertop. The most advanced single-handle unit can perform the same level of control as the two-handle. And those units found on the market are all stylish that can make your kitchen stand out.

According to Doug from FaucetAssistant, a single-handle kitchen faucet has limited capacities though. And if it has hot and cold temperature system installed, it can be difficult for you to know where to turn to achieve the desired temperature of your water. Then, when it comes to leaking, you need to shut off the entire hot and cold water valves when replacing the faucet.

How about the pros and cons of double-handle kitchen faucet?

Compared with the single-handle type, a double-handle gives you more control allowing you to easily adjust water temperature according to your preference. You can also better control the flow rate of the water. Getting hot and cold water can also be better controlled with a double-handle unit.

But this type is difficult to install. It needs 3 holes to be cut out. And if the two handles leak, the cost doubles because you need to get 2 replacement handles.

Despite the pros and cons of these two types, the best option will still depend on your requirements. You also need to look into your current sink if a double-handle can be installed or if it can only accommodate a single-handle kitchen faucet. Study those benefits and advantages before you make a final decision.

If you live in a dry area, it can get really problematic during winter or even during the summer months. Dry skins, rashes, breathing troubles and other household problems are pretty regular issues associated with living in a dry environment. Humidifiers are usually used in such areas to make the dry atmosphere bearable. Humidifiers of the previous generations were bulky and heavy but the portable humidifiers available in the market these days are can be flexibly used in any single room, in an RV or inside an office.

The newer humidifiers usually come with antibacterial technology. Water kept in the humidifier reservoir can attract dirt, mold, germs and bacteria. The antibacterial option filters out these germs before circulating clean air.

If you do not want to invest too much in maintenance, you should buy one that comes with replacement filters or a filter that lasts longer without maintenance. Since the sound of the humidifier fan can be disturbing, you can go for the ones that omit very little sounds although you may need to pay a little extra.

If maintained and used properly, a humidifier can make even the driest area completely liveable. Just ensure that you go for good branded products and you should see those winter months through with a smile.

Kraus KPF-1602 Kitchen Faucet

The world is going green and every person is doing his bit in cutting down unnecessary water usage. When you are going for a new faucet, keeping the water usage in mind is important as it will cut down on your monthly water bill and also help the society and environment in some way.

When buying the new faucet, watch out for these:

  • Aerators: Faucets fitted with aerators make it easy to cut down on water usage and most new faucets come fitted with aerators.
  • Ceramic Valves: The reason they are important is that they do not tend to leak with age as it happens with metallic valves.
  • Pause Function: Many new faucets come with pause function which is great for keeping water flow suspended when not in use.
  • WaterSense Certification: This label means that the faucet has been designed following the guidelines laid out by EPA and you can count on it for saving water wastage.
  • Sensors: Faucets with sensors start water flow when a hand or a utensil is placed under the spout and stop when it is removed. They can provide the maximum saving on water usage.

These points should guide you in choosing the best faucet for your kitchen. Cut down your water bill, save money, help the environment.